1. MOVE​​​​​​FIT

    ​​A NEW class designed to strengthen and stretch your weak areas to enable you to move more effectively!



    'Before I felt capable of nothing, now i feel capable of everything.'

Looking to Improve your Health?
Wanting to feel awesome and move better?
Craving results that last? 

Then Contact Applebees Fitness
. You will:
Receive a tailored training plan that will challenge and develop you.
Ben and his instructors will talk to you and understand your needs. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, carve out curves, or regain that figure from the past, Ben and his instructors has has the personality and the know-how to help you achieve the results you desire.

Benefit from expert instruction and nutritional advice.
Your success depends on the quality of the work you put in. As your mentor, We will ensure that you are working out effectively and eating right. After all, you can’t grow sunflowers if you plant daisies. To see the great results that Ben and his team achieve for their clients, check out their testimonials.

Transform your relationship with exercise.
Relish the program. Ben’s fun, inspirational approach and the variety he brings to your training will keep it fresh. No more stumbling at the old pitfalls. Learn to love the journey and take your fitness to the next level.

Become the real you.
Feel confident and look forward to seeing your reflection in the mirror. Take heart from your progress – that waist is trimmer, those abs are tighter, those pecs are picking up. Ben’s expertise will support your self-improvement and his nutritional guidance will improve health and wellness. Start today with Applebees fitness and brighten your future.

Affordable. Friendly. Effective.

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