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​​​​​​​​Want to condition your body for improved strength and functional movement?

Then experience FIRE FIT. 

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What is FIRE FIT?    

At Fire Fit Boot Camp you’ll experience some of the scenarios and physical demands that fire fighters may come across. 

Get fit as you roll hoses, carry ladders, and shift fire extinguishers. You’ll need to work hard, fast, and as a team to overcome these scenario-based drills and challenges! Intensities will be adapted to suit each individuals needs.

  • Feel the fat melt away as you whip up a heat, 
  • Improve your core and burn up your abs as you roll and lift hoses, 
  • Find fire in your legs as you lunge and carry extinguishers, 
  • Make calories go up in smoke as you carry ladders. ​

Take part and do something important. FireFit Bootcamp donates a portion of every booking to The Fire Fighters Charity, who provide care to fire fighters and their families when it is sadly needed. By taking part, you will be contributing to this very important cause.
Fire Fit Bootcamp is adapted for indoor use from Oct-Mar

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Fire Safety

Firefit Bootcamp is all about getting fit, whilst having fun, but we would also like to give you more information on fire safety. Below we have attached some links leading you to useful fire safety information. Please simply click either of the links below to find out more.

Home Safety
Other information