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​​​​​Want to have fun, burn calories and try something new?

Then experience HIITFIT.

​​​​​​​​​​ Get your Complimentary class below 

What is HIITFIT?

Expect High Intensity Interval Training followed by Boxing that will give you a full body conditioning workout that will burn those calories, tone and strengthen those muscles and will keep you on your toes as it changes each week!

It's a 45 minute class, and will be adapated to suit your fitness level as you progress.

Benefits can include-

*Increased fitness and endurance
*Improved Upper and Lower body strength
*Lose fat not muscle
*Functional mobility

*Heart health
*Increased metabolism
and much much more!​​

Back to classes

"Back earlier in the year I was nominated on Facebook to do the 22 Press-up Challenge by a friend of mine. I attempted to carry out the challenge and failed miserably - Managed all of 5 press ups if I recall correctly.

I was getting bored of the same routine at the gym and not seeing any real benefit for it. I decided something had to be done and signed up with Ben for HIITFIT along with some Personal training.

Having never done a class in my life, due to total lack of confidence, I felt this was a real achievement and was amazing fun. 

 Since then Ben has helped my improve my strength and better understand the importance of a well balanced diet. In 10 weeks I now smash 37 press ups out in 60 seconds."  

I started doing HIIT fit with Ben once a week in the run up to Christmas and loved it. The variation of exercises in the classes meant it was never boring and Ben was always there to keep you moving and make sure you were really pushing yourself. 

I now do three HIIT fit classes a week and my fitness has improved so much that I managed to run 6.5 miles the other day without needing to stop for the first time ever! I can honestly say HIIT fit with Ben is the only exercise class I have ever enjoyed, I never have to force myself to go in fact I actually look forward to going each week. 
With Bens support, guidance and motivation I have managed to lose over a stone in weight and I am healthier than I have been in years. Plus I finally fit into my bridesmaid dress!