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    What would I say to anyone thinking about starting... DO IT!
    I started my journey with Applebees fitness about four years ago and went to Ben's circuits nervous, but came away having enjoyed it!  Before I knew it, I was doing it each week, regardless of the busy days at work had; it was a great way to relieve stress and wind down. After a year and a half, I joined Ben at his 'Fire fit' boot camp, not knowing what I was getting into. Within the first two sessions I was hooked! Each one has a different scenario and range of equipment: hoses, ladders, extinguishers and fireman Sam! I then joined Ben at his HIITFIT; again the range of exercises are really good, focusing on all areas of the body. The only thing I'm still not quite getting is the boxing! The coordination baffles me! Hips, hands, stance, driving through, who would of thought so much work was needed to punch!  Where am I now? I have lost weight (fat), and gained (muscle), and having to get new clothes for my new shaped body as I keep ripping my current ones! Working with Ben for PT has opened my eyes to nutrition, and awareness of that no matter what time I put in to the gym, the range of exercises I do, what I eat, hydration, and a better sleep pattern is more important to a better, healthier, happier body. This new motivation has caused me to sign up to six runs / challenges this year, all so far I have enjoyed. The great thing about Applebees fitness is there is a real community feel, with out anyone to judge or question you, everyone there for their own goal.  What would I say to anyone thinking about starting.....DO IT!!! Yes you might feel like rubbish before, but after you will feel great! Yes you might not look like someone from a magazine but there's only one way to get there.... that's hard work. If you're not sure if your like it....... The first classes are free!